Pool blanket & Pump enclosures

Your pool is installed, the fence has been built to safety standards, and you’re ready to dive in and enjoy!

However, there is just one small step left to making your new pool area the beautiful space that your envisioned, and that is finding a practical and stylish way to hide your pool blanket and pump.

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We are dedicated to designing enclosures that will keep your pool pump quiet, your pool blanket hidden, and add the stylish finishing touches to your dream swimming area.

Along with our extensive experience in the installation of swimming pool fencing, the team at Platinum Barriers are skilled in fitting out enclosures for your pool accessories.

We have access to a great range of products that can be customised to fit the needs of your pool surrounds, even adding additional storage your pool pump enclosure to keep your floaties and chemicals stored away safely!

This work can be done inclusively during the design and installation of your pool fence, so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple contractors for one project.

Why our pool blanket and pump enclosures?

  • High quality Aluminium
  • No Rust: No components are constructed with steel
  • Minimal maintenance: Just wipe down with warm water to clean!
  • Polymer hinges used on all openings with option for gas struts
  • Can be customised to house other service units including water heaters and air conditioning units
  • Available in powder coated or timber effect aluminum in various sizes (38mm, 65mm, and 100mm)
  • No repainting or varnishing necessary: All pump and blankets enclosures are available in and Colourbond powder coating colour
  • Fully customisable to suit the needs of your home and pool area


Want to know more about how Platinum Barriers’ work in designing and installing enclosures for your swimming pool? Find out more about our individual pool pump and blanket enclosure fit outs below, or feel free to contact our friendly team for a free quote and consultation!

Pool Pump Enclosures

The addition of an enclosure for your pool pump has many benefits. Besides reducing the noise from your new pool filter, it also keeps it protected from our wild Perth weather and keeps it out of reach of little ones.

Our pool pump boxes are fully customisable, so you have the option of making their presence minimal, or making them larger for additional storage.

Pool Blanket Enclosures

Our pool blanket boxes are made with high quality aluminum and designed to hide away your pool blanket without taking up a lot of space.

We will work with you to design a pool box to suit your pool area, even creating it as a feature to be used as additional storage or bench seating.

Free Pool Pack

Download our free pool pack today! Our pool pack offers a wealth of information so that you can start ticking the boxes on breaking ground for your new swimming pool.

FREE CAD Drawing!*

Don’t just imagine your pool! Bring it too life before you break ground with our state-of-the-art CAD drawings.

For a low cost our team can work alongside you to conceptualise and design your new swimming pool.
If you choose to do your pool fencing through us, we will waive the fee!

*Cost of $350 if project rejected by customer.


We’re more than just a team that loves what we do! We’re committed to safety and providing our customers with the highest quality service throughout the greater Perth region!

Not just another fence installer. Using quality products, we are a team dedicated to providing a valued service, committed to safety, and we care about you and fulfilling your goals when it comes to the design of your home.

Our commitment to transparency

We’ll never leave your questions unanswered or have you feeling lost in the process.​

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From your CAD drawings to council submissions, we’ll take care of all ticking all the boxes so that you can start enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.​

Our partners

We’ve built relationships with some of the most well respected and trusted pool installers, landscapers, and builders throughout the Perth region.​

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We’ve got a team that is efficient, passionate, and knows they’re pool fencing, giving you a faster project completion for your install.​

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